Welcome to Eastern Living International, where we redefine the luxury of living to the next reality beyond your wildest expectation. Feel the beauty of life brushing through your senses and create memories beyond the boundaries of time

It’s where nature is in good hands

From the nature to your living room, from the artists to the distinguished. From simplicity to the elaborate, and from the chromatic to colorful. There is a part of your aspiration here at Eastern Living, inspired by your uniqueness


The year 2016 witnessed the birth of a mission to spread the sparks among those who celebrate life and walk with them side by side to experience the best of nature in the comfort of their homes. PT. Eastern Living International soars through with that very mission as the guiding north star to serve and earn its place among the best in the homeware industry

From the far side of the south east Asia to the corners of the world, Easter Living has touched so many homes around the globe where the hearts speak the truth of how life should be enjoyed and appreciated


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